Entrepreneurism. It’s Nuanced.

Although I identify as an Entrepreneur, I have a have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the word. There are so many different interpretations of its meaning and many don’t ring true for me. Some people use the term Entrepreneur interchangeably with the term Business Owner but they’re not the same. A Business Owner […]

The Tone at the Top

In leadership, they talk about “the tone at the top”.  The concept is that a organization’s culture and its values should be set at the top, demonstrated at the top, and will therefore resonate down the organization’s hierarchy to set expectations and influence the conduct and behaviors of all. This can be in regards to […]

Risk Sometimes Gets the Blame.

I love business. I love owning properties. A thing is easy to love when it feels like your natural inclination or like an extensions of who you are. Creating businesses from nothing is a risk. Being in multi tenant residential rental properties is a risk. That doesn’t mean that these are bad things. Even though […]

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