Creativity for Better Strategy

In governance, leadership, and business we talk about strategy. I’ve heard strategy referred to alongside pillars. I’ve heard it used in terms that liken its meaning to goals. I think strategy is different from those and I think the way to refresh it best is through creativity.

So, what is strategy? If we think in militaristic terms, it’s how we’re going to execute the mission. Strategy then gets broken down into tactics which are bite sized, actionable steps. Strategy is the HOW before we break it down further for action.

In business, there are many types of strategy required. There are marketing strategies and Human Resources management strategies. There are risk management strategies and strategies needed for operations. Supervisors might need slightly different strategies than managers who might need slightly different strategies from executives.

What do all of these kinds of strategies have in common? I think it’s how they are refreshed. A stale strategy is a fast track to decline in engagement internally and externally. The solution to refreshing any strategy must contain regular review, reflection, and, perhaps most importantly, creativity.

Creativity fuels inspiration. Inspiration fuels drive. Drive fuels action. Creativity is fun. It’s fun to throw ideas around when you know that you’re encouraged to do so just for the sake of doing so. This sense of fun and play, even while in the confines of work, encourages optimism. So, it’s just not strategies that get refreshed. Employees and leadership do as well.

We all crave new and fresh. It’s part of the plight of human existence. It’s why we seek new shores. It’s why we build boats. Getting even further away from known shores is why we try to build boats bigger and better. Harnessing the business power of creativity is not just how we wind up with new businesses. It how we wind up with new business models for old businesses. It’s how we reach new consumers or re-engage with former ones. This is how we innovate from the inside so we don’t get disrupted from the outside.

Creativity is not frivolous. It has a place in the work world, in management, leadership, and in governance. It’s place is right alongside effective strategy.

Creativity for Better Strategy
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