Variety: Not Just the Spice of Life

Variety. It’s not just the spice of life. It’s necessary to good governance and leadership. When it comes to organizational oversight, you want a variety of perspectives. There is a push away from all of the people who sit around a board table coming from the same background or having the same level of experience. […]

Exploring Three Elements of Climate for Business Sustainability

Climate Change. It’s not just for the realms of charities and government. The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that “Climate Change is real” and that “it is caused by emissions resulting from human activities” and that “it poses a grave threat to humanity’s future.” Since Climate Change has been formally recognized by Canada’s highest […]

The Tone at the Top

In leadership, they talk about “the tone at the top”.  The concept is that a organization’s culture and its values should be set at the top, demonstrated at the top, and will therefore resonate down the organization’s hierarchy to set expectations and influence the conduct and behaviors of all. This can be in regards to […]

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