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Hope for Cyber Security

Once upon a time, not that long ago, only the largest corporations had to consider the rare possibility of a hacking attempt. The news stories were few and far in between. The companies were huge. SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) carried on with the reassuring thought that this wasn’t relevant to them, that it couldn’t […]

Creativity for Better Strategy

In governance, leadership, and business we talk about strategy. I’ve heard strategy referred to alongside pillars. I’ve heard it used in terms that liken its meaning to goals. I think strategy is different from those and I think the way to refresh it best is through creativity. So, what is strategy? If we think in […]

Entrepreneurism. It’s Nuanced.

Although I identify as an Entrepreneur, I have a have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the word. There are so many different interpretations of its meaning and many don’t ring true for me. Some people use the term Entrepreneur interchangeably with the term Business Owner but they’re not the same. A Business Owner […]

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