risk management

Hope for Cyber Security

Once upon a time, not that long ago, only the largest corporations had to consider the rare possibility of a hacking attempt. The news stories were few and far in between. The companies were huge. SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) carried on with the reassuring thought that this wasn’t relevant to them, that it couldn’t […]

A Plug for the Climate Courses Offered by SDG Academy

I recently completed a course created by SDG Academy which is an initiative of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. As the course is called Climate Actions: Solutions for a Changing Planet, and the instuctors hail from leading organizations like Columbia University’s Earth Institute, the Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project (DDPP), and the World Business Council […]

Canada’s Peace Keepers: Risk Management in Action

I think a lot about Veterans around this time of year. I hope that most people do but for my husband Quentin and I, it’s a commitment. Quentin’s Dad served in World War II as an electrician for an anti-tank regiment of the Royal Canadian Artillery. Imagine that. Your job is to be anti-tank. I’ve […]

Responsible Innovation

I am a business person through and through. I believe that business is hardwired into me from my ancestors. When I was much younger, for a business idea to appeal to me, it had to be something that I had personal fascination with; something about which I was passionate. The potential market didn’t matter; at […]

Exploring Three Elements of Climate for Business Sustainability

Climate Change. It’s not just for the realms of charities and government. The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that “Climate Change is real” and that “it is caused by emissions resulting from human activities” and that “it poses a grave threat to humanity’s future.” Since Climate Change has been formally recognized by Canada’s highest […]

Risk Sometimes Gets the Blame.

I love business. I love owning properties. A thing is easy to love when it feels like your natural inclination or like an extensions of who you are. Creating businesses from nothing is a risk. Being in multi tenant residential rental properties is a risk. That doesn’t mean that these are bad things. Even though […]

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